Simpliv LLC MD Shahanshah Manzoor on why CXO’s should blog

By Shahanshah Manzoor, Managing Director of Simpliv LLC

why CXO's should blog1

I have often been roiled by the question of whether CEO’s (or, I’ll put it more precisely, CXO’s) should blog. I know that the first question that comes to mind upon reading this point is: how do I do it? Does my busy schedule permit it? Shouldn’t it be something we leave to our content team? Well, a big no. I have discovered that it is not only important, but vital for CXO’s to blog.

Yes, we are busy people. My own 14-hour workday is crammed with umpteen mails, presentations, business meetings, discussions, and all the other stuff that senior managers do. Yet, squeezing the time to blog is an important exercise. It is important from a number of standpoints. Let me describe to you my reasons for which we CXO’s must make the time for blogging:

Opportunity to share our thoughts

Our thoughts matter. Period. Most senior managers are experienced in their profession and not many are in their seats by accident. CXO’s are executives who are valued for their insights that are a result of having seen the industry in and out. A person may gain a lot of knowledge by reading books, but insights are gained by experience. What CXO’s possess is as much insight as knowledge. Sharing this with people who are connected to your profession in one or another way is a terrific way of offering them a fresh perspective of things.

Chance to reach out to stakeholders

why CXO's should blog

It is not just our employees and colleagues, but also stakeholders who want to hear from us. As an MD, I have realized that money and finance are a small part of an organization. The value that the organization represents is much more valuable. In fact, it is priceless. What values does your organization represent? Does it ensure that its values extend to something more than just number crunching business deals? A blog is a really wonderful platform for us to express these values to our stakeholders. Whether it is the customer, the employee from the lowest to the highest level, the general public, the investor, the government, or any other, a blog sets a tone for what your company stands for and what they can expect.

Let your audience know your approach to problem solving

Telling your audience about some of the innovative ways in which you have tackled issues not only increases your standing with them but also gives them the opportunity to develop a new outlook, which they could put to use when they are in a situation that demands it. Like I said, interaction offers something very few books can. It helps them put into practice what they might not have learnt from textbooks.

Benefit number one: build your stock

Businessman looking at city through drawing business strategy

And, did I talk about the most visible advantage blogging by CXO’s brings? It is a fabulous opportunity to build your brand. Your blog becomes your identity over time. Over time, people come to you to read what you have to say. Your blog could become the source that will make people recognize you for and one to which they will come eagerly to know more about what you have to say about this or that matter, how you faced a certain issue or challenge, what vision you have for your company or where you see your industry headed over the next few years, and many other such points.

As a CEO, a blog helps you build your reputation as a thought leader. This position need not be gained by only speaking at forums and meetings. CEO blogs that are packed with insight and clarity help you establish your name among your peers. It could also inspire and motivate them to do something similar and add to the contribution from CXO’s to the community.

Agreed, it is not the easiest of tasks to write down your thoughts and share them with people whom you may or may not know directly, but if these are what blogging by CXO’s brings; then, I think we must stretch ourselves and come up with stuff once in a while.


Shahanshah Manzoor is Managing Director of Simpliv LLC, a platform for learning and teaching online courses, Fremont, CA-USA based. It’s offers online courses on a wide selection of topics.


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