Best Websites for Free/Paid Online Courses

Best Websites for Free Paid Online Coursesaa

Online courses are catching up in a big way globally. An offshoot of the technological developments brought about by the Internet; the rise in popularity of this medium of education is not really surprising, considering the features these online courses come with:

They are incredibly easy to find and affordable to enroll for

The spread and reach of courses offered by the online platforms through the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) mode is enormous and is set to grow. It is like having access to hundreds of courses from a university right at one’s fingertips

Most courses are certified. This lends a touch of credibility to these courses

Many online courses are taught by university professors since many MOOC platforms collaborate with universities for creating their curricula and teaching them.

These being some of the advantages of these online courses, the next question that comes to one’s mind is: which are the best websites for free/paid online courses? This question is natural for two reasons:

One, as soon as one gets some idea about this medium of learning, it is but natural to find out if one can enroll for the best online platforms

Two, many of these platforms offer courses free. While these courses may not be certified, they are from the same platform nevertheless, and enrolling for even these free courses comes with its value.

A look at the best websites for free or paid online courses

Best Websites for Free Paid Online Courses

So, which are the best websites for free/paid online courses? We suggest the following for your reference, which we believe will facilitate your decision-making in enrolling for these courses:

Udemy: Udemy is what one may call the grandsire of online course platforms. It easily makes its entry into any list of the best websites for free/paid online courses, because its spread of courses and the quality of its training are simply superior, making it the numero uno among platforms that offer free or paid online courses.

Codecademy: Like other platforms for learning, Codecademy is also a reputed one, albeit in only the area of coding. Codecademy is fine with this specialization, which places it among the top list of best websites for free/paid online courses. Some of its free courses are pretty valuable, especially for someone who has just entered the coding profession and wants to know more. This is good marketing sense, one may say, but it certainly helps the learner in not only gaining elementary knowledge but in also deciding if making a career in coding is going to be her cup of tea.

Coursera: Well, asking if a learner has heard about Coursera is a bit like asking if a film buff has heard about Hollywood. Coursera needs no introduction to any learner serious about taking up a course in any area of her liking. Coursera’s free courses are also quite fine and serve a specific purpose to the learner. The reasons for its popularity: the quality and expanse of its courses, its credibility, the certifications which give its courses value, and its being tagged with top universities.

Best Websites for Free Paid Online Coursesa

Simpliv: Simpliv has an impressive collection of courses in just about any area of learning one is interested in: psychotherapy, acupuncture, public speaking, yoga, Java programming, handling depression, to name just a few. What sets it apart and gives it the qualification to be included in our list of best websites for free/paid online courses is not only that its courses are of relevance and value; its mission is laudable. Simpliv wants to expand the concept of taking education not just to the masses and wants to make sure simply anyone who wants to learn should be able to.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy has been at the forefront of online education, and if it is not included in the list of best websites for free/paid online courses, then the writer must either be burning with prejudice or should be completely ignorant of the market about which she is writing! Khan Academy in a sense is the pioneer in offering valuable free online courses. It’s being a nonprofit organization makes it so. So, no matter which platform one wants to include or exclude in the list of best websites for free/paid online courses; one can simply never overlook Khan Academy.



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