5 Best Online Learning Platforms

Best Online Learning Platformsa

Online learning platforms, as is evident from the name, are a source in which the student can learn online, without having to go to a classroom. Doesn’t this sound like something totally off the beaten track, and isn’t this rather unusual? Is it possible to learn without having to get to where one learns? But then, that is what online learning platforms have enabled.

Online learning platforms offer courses that any learner, without the barriers of age, sex, or geography should be able to take up. This is the power of the Net. But wait, the day has not yet come where one doesn’t simply need to send one’s kids to school and see them graduate when they have reached their twenties. Online learning platforms are, at least at this point of time, not yet a medium that have replaced the traditional learning mode. That may yet take some more time to happen. As of now, online learning platforms are at best supplements to the physical, offline learning that is still very much the medium the world prefers for getting educated.

Online learning is sure to catch up in a big way

Considering the fast pace at which smartphones -one of the major mediums in which online learning is being imparted -is growing all over the world, and also taking into consideration other factors; online education is sure to see a very high growth pace over the next few years. These other factors include:

  • The credibility of the courses, since many universities have jumped on the bandwagon and are collaborating with online platforms to offer education that is tailored to the audience they have in mind


  • The authenticity of the courses, by which is meant the fact that most courses are certified, meaning that learners don’t necessarily take these courses up purely for academic interest, but also to gain practical knowledge of nearly the kind they would gain if they attended regular classroom courses.

Best Online Learning Platformsg

So, who are the top learning platforms in the market today? Which are the five best online learning platforms? We took a look at some of the prominent ones that have been gaining in popularity with the learning communities across the world, and this is what we feel like sharing with our readers:

Udemy: Undoubtedly, in terms of popularity, Udemy takes the cake. It is an indisputable fact that any learner who wants to go online for enrolling for almost any course will find Udemy at the top of mind recall. To state that its collection of courses is expansive is to make a real understatement. With thousands for courses and hundreds being added each month, and with tie-ups with well-known universities, Udemy tops our list of the five best online learning platforms.

Coursera: Another of the highly visible and recognizable platforms for online learning, Coursera is in our list of five best online learning platforms because, like Udemy, its collection of courses runs literally into the thousands. Coursera too is known for both the spread and the quality of its courses.

Simpliv: Simpliv is a Fremont, CA-based platform for online learning that makes it to our list of five best online learning platforms because it claims to carry a mission that extends to more than just being in business. It wants to take education to the remotest corners of the world and wants to make a difference into the lives of anyone who wants to learn anything. Its spread of courses is amazingly vast, and the learner is likely to find courses in any subject ranging from psychotherapy to management and from reiki to financial management.

WizIQ: WizIQ is a neat platform of online courses. Its interface is neat, and its courses are packed with the essentials needed for enhancing the learner’s knowledge or skill in an area of her choice. WizIQ offers a combination of free and paid courses. While its free courses are good enough, its paid courses offer real value for money.

Academy of Mine: Academy of Mine is a very interactive and fun-to-use platform that adds some zing into one’s learning experience. The learner can opt either for the academy course, which is a prepared text course, or the virtual classroom, where there is a teacher who teaches through a video. This choice can be a good one for those who want to either learn through the text mode or through the video classroom mode.


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