Top five online Python course platforms

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The defining hallmark of the Python program is its versatility, power and breadth of usage. Because of this, it can be used for a range of applications and in several languages, which include C. And, one of the highlights of this program is that it is object-oriented program, which allows the programmer or coder the freedom from worrying about the language. In being built to think like humans, Python can handle syntax and other commands without a whimper.

So, where does Python find usage? Today, the social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others, which are part of the lives of billions of people across the world, are built on Python. It has the resilience to handle anything from simple texts to heavy videos, and this explains its connection with the social media.

There is another plus with Python: the extremely vast stack of libraries it has. Any user can use this stack to install on any system.

The real good online Python platforms

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So, what do you do if you want to take up a course in Python programming? Simple: look out for platforms that offer this. This should appear simple, but how do you choose an appropriate platform? Online trainings are a good choice because these courses are easy to access, are very inexpensive, are taught by acclaimed experts, can be learnt at your own pace and location, and what is more; they are certified.

The next step to take is to decide which online platform to choose from. If you want to scour the www, we can assure you one thing: you’ll end up wracking your brains, because you are likely to find literally hundreds of courses. So, make your choice simpler, we have made a list of just five of these best platforms that offer training in Python. Take a look:

Coursera: Why not start with the platform that almost anyone who decides to take up online learning has heard about? One of the most popular online learning platforms; Coursera is every bit designed for the vast student community, millions of which it caters to. The biggest advantage you get by enrolling in Coursera’s Python development program is that you learn courses that are designed by professors from some of the most reputable universities.

Udemy: Neck and neck with Coursera in a number of important aspects is Udemy. Udemy has a really massive collection of courses, too. One of the big things about Udemy is that its courses are whetted by being peer-reviewed. This gives it terrific credibility. There is a really expansive bouquet of courses to choose from.

Simpliv: Simpliv should be treated as another reliable and valuable platform mainly because of the spread of courses it brings, and its intent. It has courses on almost any topic that comes to mind, with Python being just one of these. And then, it wants to take education to the deepest and remotest corners of the world. Its Python program courses are taught by a panel of well-heeled experts.

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Pluralsight: This is the platform to choose if you are looking for no frills, no big interactivity, and or no colorfulness. What is wrong with having a bland platform such as this, you might ask. None, we would say, except that it is just this kind of presentation that is best suited for the Python kind of courses. Pluralsight has left all the excitement and interactivity to its courses on topics that warrant these features. When it comes to Python, the site is very focused and staid. It comes with forums and plans, which is a great thing to have in a medium in which there are no deadlines or supervision.

SimpliLearn: A platform that has been growing in popularity; SimpliLearn has a cool collection of Python courses. It has dozens of them, in fact. The highpoint among its collection of Python courses is the comprehensive suite it has for this language, which contains all the features of Python, and also has Django and other learnings.



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