10 Best Websites to Learn to Code as of 2018

Websites to Learn to Code

Coding is vital to computers and IT. And I don’t need to be a genius to say or know this. So, what is coding, and why does it occupy a position of such preeminence to this field? Briefly, coding is a set of commands that tells your computer to do what you want it to.

You could see it as something that is told to the computer in a language and way it understands it. Since it is a machine, it needs exact prompts, commands and directions to do what you want it to. Carrying this out is what coding encompasses.

Coding is not a standalone function, because for the computer to do what you want it to; it has to work in tandem with a number of other functions such as programming, scripting, etc. to optimize its uses.

Coding has emerged as an indispensable function of computer-related work. A person is no longer required to be technically sound and competent to take up or grow in the field of computers or IT. One can be good at coding even without these prerequisites. Realizing the importance of coding; a sizable number of online courses have been offering the vitals of coding to learners through online courses.

The highlight of these online courses is that one doesn’t have to go and sit in a class at fixed, regular hours to learn and wait for the teacher to start her teaching. One can be placed in the comfort of one’s home; can be of any race or gender, or nationality, or can be rich or poor. All that one needs is an interest in learning about coding.

Websites to Learn to Code1

Let us take a look at 10 best websites to learn to code as of 2018:

Codecademy: So, you are out to learn coding, and which could be a better source to learn it from than the company that took coding to classrooms? Codecademy pioneered the task of bringing coding into mainstream learning after having realized that learning in this discipline was not getting the attention it warranted. Codecademy has taught millions of people how to code, and these can be picked up and mastered by anyone who knows coding or doesn’t.

EdX: edX is popular for the free courses if offers on coding as much as it offers these on other subjects. Being a venture that collaborates with a few universities, technologists, institutions and nonprofit organizations for its courses; this is the kind of company that brings value to its courses.

Codewars: Creating its name from a funny take on taking coding head on as if on a battlefield; Codewars offers a highly interactive set of courses for its learners of coding. It has a name for its assessment system, too: aptly named kata, which will have students testing their learning on a monitoring system. The main intention behind Codewars is to take the fear and drudgery out of learning to code.

Simpliv: Simpliv is a platform that teaches coding as a key skill at its courses. Simpliv covers all aspects of coding at its courses on coding. To make its offering valuable; Simpliv has assembled experts from around the world, who bring varied and rich experience and expertise. These courses are designed by the experts based on the market and the learning needs, and are offered at incredibly low prices.

Udemy: Another of the learning platforms that offer thousands of courses -many of them on coding -Udemy too has courses on coding for the novice as well as for the experienced IT professional. Udemy has an objective ranking system for its students.

FreeCodeCamp: freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit that was started in late 2014. It takes the approach of challenging coders to solve problems related to coding. It claims to have solved over 30 million coding challenges and helped place some 4000 coders in jobs. The USP of freeCodeCamp is the real-time, real-world solutions its coders offer.

Code Avengers: Code Avengers is a thriving and vibrant community of coders that brings experts, teachers and facilitators together with students, professionals and coders to solve coding issues. Its courses are graded, starting at a basic level and going up in quick progression.

Coursera: Well, anyone who has heard about online learning has heard about Coursera. With courses derived from dozens of institutions and universities; Coursera offers literally thousands of online courses, of which there are many on coding. A multilingual mode of teaching makes Coursera’s spread and reach vast and expansive.

CodeHS: CodeHS is another interactive platform that makes learning easy and interactive with the use of a creature it has created, a dog named Karel that will perform various tasks. The way of making it do the assigned task is what sharpens students’ learning, because it is here that they will be required to put their learning to test.

Code School: A platform that offers courses in coding in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Elixir, Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Git, iOS, SQL, and others; Code School works almost like a school, where tests are held regularly and the grades offered after a thorough evaluation.



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